Best Ottoman Bed: Reviews, Guide, and Pros

The ottoman bed is an increasingly popular furniture item in nurseries, bedrooms, and living rooms. Whether it’s for storage or extra seating (or both), this versatile piece of furniture has many uses.

But with so many different styles on the market, making the right choice can be difficult.

This guide to buying an Ottoman should help you through the process by explaining what they are and how to choose between them.

Top 5 Best Ottoman Beds on the Market

1. Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame – Best Budget 

This modern, elegant ottoman bed is covered in microfiber upholstery that not only softens the look but makes it easy to clean.

The solid wood frame is strong yet lightweight and has a 5-year warranty on parts. Assembly takes about 10 minutes.


  • It’s the easiest Ottoman Bed to assemble, and the only one that requires no tools.
  • The microfiber upholstery is soft, easy to clean, and looks great. It will age well with use.
  • It’s a good price for a sturdy bed that has a high level of quality in its construction.


  • While it is easy to assemble, it does require 2 people to lift it onto the bed frame. But once there, it cannot be moved by one person alone.
  • There are some mixed reviews about this product from customers who say it arrived with damage or was received damaged from shipping or from assembly issues.

2. Bensons for Beds Harlow Ottoman Bed Frame

This bed is a beautiful, elegant piece of bedroom furniture. It’s a solid wood frame covered in soft, faux leather upholstery so it will look great as you grow your family.

The main difference between this and the Wilson is that this features a headboard that is detachable from the bed.

The headboard easily attaches to the bed base simply by sliding it into place. The headboard can then be removed from the base whenever you need to use it as extra seating space.

The bed frame itself is made of solid wood and has a 5-year warranty on the bed frame. The slatted base gives you a nice, comfortable place to sit or lay, and the finished headboard has a modern look that will suit any bedroom.


  • It comes beautifully packaged, with a box that you can use as storage for future furniture purchases.
  • It’s very easy to assemble with no tools required.
  • This ottoman is very sturdy and durable, even with kids climbing on it!
  • A high level of quality was achieved in its construction due to the high number of parts used in its design.
  • The bed can be easily disassembled for moving if necessary.


  • Consumers have complained that the headboard is a bit loose and that there is a gap at the foot of the bed. However, this gap is not too noticeable.

3. John Lewis & Partners Design Project by John Lewis No.152 Ottoman Storage Beds

This ottoman bed is a modern take on the classic bed. It’s an elegant, high-quality piece of furniture that looks great in any bedroom, living room, or nursery.

The headboard has storage compartment for linens, pillows, blankets to be stored when not in use. It also makes a great place to sit to put on your shoes or take off your socks during the day.

The wood used for this bed is solid mahogany, and it will age beautifully with use. The ottoman bed was designed by John Lewis, a well-known British company that has been making quality products for over a hundred years.

This is an easy-to-assemble piece of furniture that will turn your bedroom into a modern, stylish retreat.


  • This ottoman is beautifully packaged and will look great if you leave it in its packaging until ready to assemble.
  • It’s an elegant piece of furniture, both from the outside and from the inside.


  • While it is easy to assemble, it does require 2 people to lift it onto the bed frame. But once there, it cannot be moved by one person alone.
  • This bed is a bit pricier than most others on the market, but you get what you pay for with this product.
  • Some consumers have complained that this had some damage when they received it or had some damage during shipping.

4. Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame – Best Splurge

This bed is made of wood with an elegant, high-quality finish. Its contemporary design makes it a great fit for any bedroom or nursery.

The ottoman bed has plenty of storage space underneath the seat for linens, pillows, and blankets. However, unlike most ottoman beds that have storage space underneath the seat, it actually allows you to sit on the bed without having to reach underneath it.

The wood used for this frame is solid mahogany that will age beautifully with use. Even though the headboard is not removable like most other ottoman beds, it gives you some extra space to store pillows and linens when they are not in use.

It features gorgeous tufted detailing, which is a great focal point in any room.


  • It’s very easy to assemble with no tools required.
  • It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that will last a lifetime, both from the outside and from the inside.
  • The storage space underneath the seat can be used for blankets or pillows, so you get additional bedroom storage space without looking cluttered.


  • This bed is a bit pricier than most others on the market. However, you will find that this product is absolutely worth it if your particular tastes fall in line with its aesthetics.

5. Phoenix Pearl Grey Wooden Ottoman Storage Bed Frame – Best Traditional

This bed is made of wood with a beautiful, high-quality finish that is guaranteed to look great as it ages.

The sturdy legs and footboard make this an easy piece of furniture to assemble. Assembling this ottoman is as easy as you can imagine; all you need is a screwdriver and five minutes of your time.

This product features a high level of quality and craftsmanship throughout its interior design and construction. Its solid wood frame was designed by the Phoenix company, which has been making quality products for over 100 years.


  • It’s an elegant piece of furniture, both from the outside and from the inside.
  • This ottoman bed is very sturdy and durable, even with kids climbing on it!


  • Although it’s easy to assemble, some consumers have complained that the opening underneath the bed is too small, making it difficult to set up. Despite these few shortcomings though, this bed has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from consumers who have purchased it.

Ottoman Bed Features

Before purchasing an ottoman, it’s important to understand the features that are available on these types of beds.

The best way to do this is to read some ottoman reviews. This will help you decide which features are important to you and which ones aren’t.

Storage Space

By far the most popular feature of an ottoman is the storage space underneath the seat.

Most beds have some type of storage space, although there are a few models that don’t have storage underneath the seat at all.

Storage space is popular with consumers because it allows you to store linens, blankets, pillows, or any other type of item that you might want to keep under the bed. Some ottoman beds also have storage space on the sides of the bed for items like books.

Some people prefer an ottoman with storage on both sides of the bed while others prefer one side of the bed empty for extra seating. Either way is fine; it’s all up to preference.

Sleeping Space

Depending on your needs, some beds are meant to be used strictly for seating while others can be pulled out and used as an actual bed if needed.

If you choose to purchase an ottoman bed that is strictly used for seating, it’s important to consider your needs and what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you’re just looking for extra seating in the living room, you probably don’t need one of these beds. However, if you want to use these kinds of beds in the bedroom or nursery for sleeping purposes, then this could be great for your needs.


The size of an ottoman can vary dramatically depending on your needs. Some ottoman beds are extremely large while others are medium in size.

The larger the bed, the more storage area you’ll have. If you do plan on using it to sleep at night, then obviously you’ll need one that’s big enough for two people to sleep comfortably.

There are single, double and king-size, and even triple ottoman beds. You can choose the size you think will fit your home and your needs the best.


Most ottoman beds don’t have a headboard like traditional beds do, however, there are some models that come with it.

Typically it will be made of wood or plastic and will offer support while sitting or laying down on the bed. There are some headboards that are removable, but they typically aren’t very attractive looking.

Gas lift mechanism

Some beds, especially the ones that people sit on, have a gas lift mechanism.

If you’re buying an ottoman and you want to use it as a chair, then it’s important to make sure that the bed has this type of support.

Having a mattress with a gas lift system allows you to put more pressure on your seat instead of your legs and back while sitting for long periods of time. Some beds can even go up or down in height if needed.

Master Suite

Some beds are sold for use in master suites, while others are designed to be used in any bedroom or nursery. This is a great feature that many people look for when purchasing an ottoman bed. If you’re looking for a bed to be used as a bed in your master suite, you will want to take this into consideration when making the purchase.

If you need storage underneath the seat and/or storage space on both sides of the bed, then this could also be important if you plan on using these beds as actual beds as well. Remember that it’s always best to ask yourself what your needs are and what those needs will be when purchasing products like this one.

How many slats does your Ottoman frame have?

The number of slats your bed frame has can make a big difference in how comfortable your bed feels. The more slats the better, although you’ll want to make sure that the wood can support the weight of the mattress.

If you’re planning on getting a bed because you want to be able to sleep on it, then you will need to have at least five slats for comfort.

How Portable Are Ottoman Beds?

The type of ottoman bed you choose will be based on your needs. If you want a bed that can be easily moved from one room to another when guests come over, then a folding ottoman bed is the best choice for you.

These types of beds typically won’t have a lot of storage in them, however, they’re great for small spaces because they fold completely flat when not in use.

What materials are used to make an Ottoman?

Depending on the type of ottoman bed you choose, the materials used to make it can vary greatly. The majority of ottoman beds are made of wood but they can also be made out of plastic.

Plastic is commonly used when making ottoman frames because it’s easy to work with and extremely durable.

Another great option for children’s beds is plastic that has been coated in foam material in order to make it more comfortable.

It can’t be beaten when it comes to durability, however, some people prefer the look and feel of real wood.

How to care for Ottoman Bed

When you purchase an ottoman bed, it’s important that you know how to properly care for it. The reason is that although these types of beds are easy to look at and may be very attractive, they are not built to withstand daily use.

  1. The main thing that can damage an ottoman bed is water. So if you choose an ottoman that doesn’t have waterproofing, make sure you keep it dry at all times.
  2. If there is a chance that your ottoman will be used as a sleeping surface throughout the year, then it’s important that you choose one that doesn’t need paint or stain in order to keep its beautiful wood color.
  3. If you do purchase an ottoman, make sure you are using it for its intended purpose. If you buy it for seating, don’t start using it as a sleeping surface unless that was your intention in the first place. Even though most ottoman beds are used for seating, they are not meant to be slept on daily.

It’s important to understand how an ottoman bed works so that you know what to expect when purchasing it.

This will help you avoid disappointment with your purchase if any unexpected issues arise with your bed frame or mattress set.

Ottomans vs Divan Bed

The main difference between a divan storage bed and an ottoman is the size of the mattress. Although they’re very similar in appearance, ottoman beds have smaller mattresses.

This makes it more comfortable to sit on while also being more portable. When it comes to a floor space storage bed, ottoman beds have more space than divan beds.


Ottoman beds can make great additions to any room in your home, whether you want an extra seat in the living room or a bed that can be used when needed.

These beds are meant to be functional and can oftentimes be quite beautiful, depending on the model you choose.

Undoubtedly, this type of bed is the best storage solution!


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