Best Bunk Beds: Extraordinary Designs

Bunk beds are great for sharing a bedroom with your kids. Plus, they’re also good for when you have an overnight guest or two.

The best bunk bed comes with safety rails, which will ensure that your kid’s bedtime stories won’t result in an unfortunate tumble.

But not all beds are created equally. That’s why we’ve collected the best online reviews on Amazon for you to peruse at your convenience! Our list of the top five bunk beds has something for everyone.

The 5 Best Bunk Beds of 2021

1. Happy Beds Kids Bunk Bed (Saturn Oatmeal Neutral Fabric) 

The Happy Beds Kids Bunk Bed has two bright orange drawers that are perfect for storing your child’s toys.

There are also four large storage boxes on the bottom of the bunk bed, which are great for storing blankets or pillows, as well as keeping your drawer contents neat and organized.

One-inch slats make the bed extremely sturdy, but the fact that this is a full-size bed means that it can hold up to 145 pounds.


  • This bunk bed is extremely affordable: you can get it for about half of what most other bunk beds cost.
  • It’s great for storing your child’s toys or books in the drawers and boxes.


  • The bunk bed is shipped unassembled, so expect to put it with some effort. Keep this in mind before purchasing this item.
  • The highly affordable full-size bunk bed is a great value for the money. It’s also easy to put together, and it’s sturdy enough to hold two people.

2. Comfy Living 3 FT. Single Bunk Bed 

The Comfy Living 3 FT. Single Bunk Bed is an incredibly affordable bunk bed with a great design that’s perfect for kids.

The bed is made from sturdy steel rods and includes a footboard and support beams that improve the structure of the bed, which will prevent your child from accidentally falling off it.

The drawers and storage spaces on this bunk bed are also great: a large drawer underneath and two smaller drawers on top of the bottom shelf.


  • The steel construction of this bunk bed means that it will be stable enough to hold up to 220 pounds, which makes it good for sharing with your kids until they’re old enough to move out on their own.
  • It has storage drawers that are great for storing your kids’ belongings.


  • This bunk bed is not designed to hold two adults, so don’t expect it to do so.

3. DHP Convertible Metal Bunk Bed 

This beautiful metal bunk bed has two drawers underneath the bed, perfect for storing bed sheets, pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.

The storage space can also be used to store toys. There’s also a safety rail on the upper bunk to prevent your kid from rolling off accidentally.


  • The combination of an affordable price tag and a stylish design makes this bunk bed perfect for kids’ rooms.
  • It’s got plenty of storage space underneath the bed, too, so your kids will never be short of places to put their stuff.
  • The safety rail is a great feature to have on a bunk bed.


  • It’s only suitable for kids up to the age of 10 or so.

4. Strictly Beds & Bunks Everest Classic Bunk Bed 

The Strictly Beds & Bunks Everest Classic Bunk Bed is a stylish wooden bunk bed with great storage space.

The drawers underneath the bed are perfect for holding your child’s sheets and blankets, as well as keeping those items organized.

There’s also a shelf above the second bunk, which will keep your kids’ stuffed animals or books neat and orderly on their own.


  • This looks like a sleek yet solidly built bunk bed that will last for years to come.
  • It comes at an affordable price: you can get this for about half of what most other bunk beds cost.


  • It’s not as sturdy as you might expect and is mainly designed for kids between 8 and 12 years old.

5. Ye Perfect Choice Triple Bunk Bed With Storage 

This Bunk Bed With Storage comes with its own ladder, making this perfect for use in the garage or on the porch, especially during summer.

The kids will be able to climb up on their own, and it’s easy to get in since the top bunk doesn’t require you to step over or around anything.


  • The top bunk can hold up to 176 lbs., which means that two adults could sleep on this bed.
  • Plus, it can be used inside too—it’s ideal for when your kids have friends over!
  • It has wooden slats that are strong enough to support even more weight than that.


  • You might have to assemble the bed, which will take you about an hour.

What is Bunk Bed?

The term “Bunk Bed” is used to describe a bed designed to hold two or more people in it at one time.

Most modern bunk beds are simply large beds that have been separated into two or three parts, which means that you can fit two, three, four, or even more people in one bed.

Many people choose to use bunk when they live in a small home and maximize the space in their living areas. If you have kids, sharing a room with them can also be a great bonding experience for both of you.

Why Buy a Bunk Bed?

Even though you might think that they are just for children, they’re actually very versatile and can be used in virtually any room in your house.

That is because you can use a bunk bed in the spare bedroom, which you don’t use that often, or even in your kid’s room if they get old enough to get up by themselves.

In some cases, it’s also recommended to get a bunk bed for the guests you know will be staying over at your home from time to time!

The Benefits of Buy a Bunk Bed for Kids

There are many good reasons why it’s a good idea to buy a bunk bed for kids.

  1. Most importantly, these beds are versatile, and that means that you can use them in all kinds of different rooms in your house.
  2. You can put a bunk bed in the spare bedroom or even in the kid’s room if you’re sharing a bed with your child. A bunk bed also helps with getting kids to sleep by themselves.

The Benefits of Buy a Bunk Bed for Adults

  1. An adult bunk bed is perfect for when you have several friends who are staying over at your house or when you want to watch TV on the couch while you’re traveling.
  2. If you have friends staying over at your house, the extra space in your living room will be great for them too!
  3. For one thing, it’s smaller than most beds, which means that you can fit more people into it. Y
  4. You can also use this bed in spare rooms of your house, like the guest bedroom or garage. They’re also stylish and will match most home decor.


The size of the bunk bed will affect the number of people that can fit into it at once. Most bunk beds come in sizes like single, double, and bunk-over-double.

A double bed is very similar to a twin bed, except there is space between the beds.

That means that you’ll need a little extra space to fit the bed into your room, but it’s well worth it if you want to be able to fit two people into one bed instead of only one!

Check out how these sizes compare to each other:

  • Double Bed – 60 x 75 inches; suitable for 2 people; 1-3 inches between the mattresses; recommended for taller adults and kids ages 8 and above.
  • Queen Bed – 60 x 80 inches; suitable for 2 people; 1-2 inches between the mattresses; recommended for taller adults and kids ages 8 and above.
  • Twin Over Full Bunk Bed – 40 x 75 inches; suitable for 3 people; 1-3 inches between the mattresses or 5 feet apart if using a trundle bed underneath.

Two twin beds are also classified as single ones if they are pushed together, so there is no space between them either.

That’s why they are known to be hard to share, especially when you have an adult in the bed. The one-inch spaces between each bunk bed may seem small, but it makes a huge difference in having enough space for two adults to sleep together.


One of the main reasons people prefer a bunk bed over a normal bed is that they can separate the beds and space them out as much as possible. That allows you to create a bedroom that feels more spacious, even if you’re living in a small house.

Most bunk bed manufacturers now offer twin-over-full models, which means that there is no space between the top and bottom bed mattresses and that it’s easier to share a bed with another person. The room also feels less crowded since there is only one mattress on each side of the bed.

If you’re planning to use your bunk beds for kids, then you should get them the bunk bed that features a twin over full beds. It’s perfect for kids over the age of ten since the space in the room will make them feel more comfortable in it.

Bunk bed assembly instructions

The process of assembling this bed can take up to an hour. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, then you should consider having someone else help you.

You can even consider it as a fun project that your kids would enjoy!

How strong is a bunk bed?

If you’re looking at purchasing this bunk bed for your kids, it’s important to determine how much weight each bed can support.

Most bunk beds can support up to 200 pounds or more, which is enough for most kids. If you’re planning to use them for adults too, then you should choose a bed that has been tested and can support even more weight.

What kind of mattress goes with a bunk bed?

If you’re looking to buy a new mattress for your bunk bed, then you should consider getting it customized. That way, you’ll be able to fit it perfectly on the bunk bed that you choose without any problems.

You can also buy a twin-size mattress instead of getting one for each bed, but keep in mind that most double beds are too wide for standard twin-size mattresses!

What height bunk bed should I buy?

If you’re planning to buy a bunk bed for adults, you must get the exact bunk bed you want. That will ensure that they fit the right way in your house and help you choose the right size.

The height of the bed is also critical if you’re planning on using it for kids. It’s not advisable to give a bunk bed too high because kids are still growing up every day!

Keep in mind that most children are still at least 4 feet tall when they turn nine years old!

When buying a bunk bed for adults, make sure to choose them, so they are not too high for taller adults.

What are bunk bed safety standards?

Every parent should think about how safe the furniture is before purchasing it. That’s why bunk bed is designed to be as safe as possible.

Some of the things that make a bunk bed very safe for children and adults include:

  1. Safety rails – These rails keep people from rolling off the bed and falling to the floor, and they also make kids stay on top of their bed. You can even use these rails to store things like blankets or clothes! Most children cannot climb over the railings, which means that they will feel secure in their bed at all times.
  2. Spindle – This is a piece of stainless steel that is used to connect each bed. The spindle features a flat surface that keeps the two beds from separating from each other, and it also helps them stay steady as well.
  3. Crossbar – The crossbar is the middle beam on each bed. It is used to prevent the bed from moving around while it’s being used, which means that they are very stable and won’t fall over while you’re sleeping on them.
  4. Safety caps – These caps are placed on top of the headboard of each bed to support them while they’re being used. They prevent any scratches or wear caused by people using the bed, which makes them very safe for kids and adults alike.

Even though many bunk beds are built with safety in mind, accidents can still happen during sleep if you misuse them or without proper supervision.

Make sure that you keep your kids in the house for sleep for safety purposes since many adults can fall off these beds when they’re inebriated.

If you’re planning to use them at home, then make sure always to supervise your kids while they’re playing or sleeping on their bunk bed.

How do you choose the right bunk bed style?

There are many different styles of bunk beds on the market. However, they all have some things in common.

One of the most important is that they all have platforms used to lower the height of each bed.

That’s why there are many different types of platform beds on the market, but they can all be used in combination with one another for more practical use.

  1. The traditional style of bunk bed features a ladder that runs along both sides of each bed. The ladder is placed at or near each side of each bed, with one side being higher than the other so you can see over it to get in and out of your bunk bed. Some beds don’t even have a ladder and instead feature a long platform that runs down the center of each bed. This style works well with most adults and kids, as it gives them more room on the bottom where they can stay under the bed while sleeping.
  2. Another popular design for a bunk bed is known as a tier bunk bed. These bunk beds feature two tall platforms on each side of the bed, which lift and lower either side of the mattress at different heights. The tall platform next to it holds up the side you want to be lower.
  3. The slanted bunk bed style features a slanting platform built into the bottom of each bed. The slanted platform creates a slanted base that holds up the entire mattress from underneath, which means that you can have a lower height at all times. This makes it easier to climb out of the bed when it’s rolled over and also makes it easier for you to get in and out of your bunk bed at all times.

Even bunk beds feature both a ladder and a long platform on each side of their beds, but this is a rare design.

Most beds are designed with one of these styles in mind, which means that you’ll have to choose between them.

The style that you choose will depend entirely on the purpose of each bed, but it is nice to have both throughout your house if possible.

What are non-traditional bunk bed shapes?


Low-bunks are designed to have a low platform built in around the mattress. This is used to prevent kids from falling out of their bunk beds while sleeping, which is why it is also known as a safety bed.

L-shaped bunk

This design is still rather common, but it has decreased in popularity over the years. These beds are designed to be L-shaped, which means that the top of the bed is in a separate location from the bottom.

The lower part of the bed is used for sleeping while you’re on your side, while the top half is used for sleeping when you’re on your back.


These beds are increasingly popular and appeal to both kids and adults alike. They feature a design where the headboard and footboard are in the same location. However, a section extends out over the middle of your bed that can be used for sitting or sleeping while you’re on your back.


These days, kids are spending more time in their rooms than ever before.

That’s why it’s important to have the right furniture for your children to help them stay comfortable while they’re sleeping.

Thus it would help if you considered bunk beds when looking for a new mattress for your kids.

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